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Broward County Libraries Division’s Bienes Museum of the Modern Book (formerly, the Bienes Center for the Literary Arts): The Dianne and Michael Bienes Special Collections and Rare Book Library, opened to the public on December 4, 1996.

It was created through the personal involvement and generosity of Fort Lauderdale philanthropists Dianne and Michael Bienes, the Broward Public Library Foundation, the Florida Center for the Book, and with additional support provided by the Florida Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Florida Arts Council.

The 8,000 square-foot space located on the 6th Floor of Broward County’s Main Library was designed by Donald Singer Architects. The Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects presented it with an “Honor Award for Excellence in Design” in 2001.

The Bienes Museum houses a collection of more than 13,000 items, including special collections, rare books and reference materials. The often unique holdings include:

Broward County and the State of Florida;

Archives and manuscripts of Florida authors: Charles B. Willeford and        Michael Shaara.

Works Progress Administration’s, Federal Writers’ Project;
Works Progress Administration’s, Museum Extension Project;

ABC books and related materials;

Big Little Books

Florida artists’ books

Vojtech Kubasta Pop-ups and other graphic designs

In an effort to promote its collections and to encourage gifts and donations, throughout the year the Bienes Museum organizes and presents in its public galleries both actual and virtual exhibitions.

The exhibitions highlight items from the Bienes Museum’s collections, from local private collectors, and from other libraries and museums and are often accompanied by printed exhibition catalogs.  The entire list of printed publications is reproduced here.

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Bienes Museum of the Modern Book

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